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lunedì 12 luglio 2010

Second Life from 2001 to 2010 Community Convention (SLCC)

Retro Second Life from 2001

elplacebo | 18 agosto 2006
On the eve of the Second Life Community Convention, here's a retro present for the community. While trying to generate some archival screen shots, Andrew and I managed to get a build running of Second Life circa August 2001. We called it "LindenWorld" back in those days. Here's a video showing what we looked like back then. I apologize in advance for the movie quality - I'm an engineer, not an artist, and I shot and narrated this in one take.

SLCC 2010

History of SLCC

What is the Second Life Community Convention?

The goal of the Second Life Community Convention (SLCC) is to bring the many residents of the Second Life community together to network, build friendships and to discuss Second Life in a common forum. Since its inception, SLCC has been organized by the community for the community. All of the organizers and volunteers who plan and staff each year’s convention donate their time, expertise, skills and love of Second Life to create a great experience for attendees.

While we all value our experiences in the virtual world, SLCC allows us to meet each other in person, share meals together, learn from one another, and celebrate the abundant creativity that Second Life makes possible.

In the Beginning…

In the summer of 2005, a group of Second Life residents took a trip to San Francisco for a “real life invasion of Linden Lab” and during the course of the visit, an idea was born to invite more Second Life residents to attend a meet-n-greet at the State of Play III conference in October. Through conversations in the Second Life forums, it became clear that there was wide interest in such a real life meet-up, and the next two months were spent in a flurry of organizing, community meetings, and planning.

The 1st Annual Second Life Community Convention was held on October 8-9, 2005 in tandem with the State of Play III conference at the New York School of Law in New York City. Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale gave the keynote dressed as his Second Life avatar, and over 150 residents, Linden Lab employees, and other industry professionals attended the event. The founding resident organizers were Timothy Allen (SL: FlipperPA Peregrine), Jennifer Vatza (SL: Jennyfur Peregrine), Jerry Paffendorf (SL: SNOOPYbrown Zamboni), Laura van Hook (SL: Valadeza Anubis), and Ron Blechner (SL: Hiro Pendragon). Jeska Linden served as a liaison with Linden Lab and helped tremendously with the event.

Philip Rosedale sings 'Jeremy'

MaxxMondeShiny | 08 luglio 2008
This was taken at a NY Karoke bar, where Philip Rosedale of Linden Lab sang "Jeremy", in October of 2005.
SLCC10 Track Leaders:

* Art Machinima & Theater: Gwenette Writer
* Business & Enterprise: Pebbles Hanya
* Communities & Social: Ham Rambler
* Education & Research: Phelan Corrimal
* Fashion & Design: Jesika Contepomi
* Government & Nonprofit: Shirley Marquez
* Health & Support: Saxet Uralia & Charles Mountain
* Music & Live Performance: Katydid Something
* Technical & Opensource: Meadhbh Oh

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