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mercoledì 26 maggio 2010

Memories, from Second Life, by Elettra Munro. EM Ancient Knot

EM Ancient Knot

EM Ancient Knot

This is the Story at the begining
Post n°2 pubblicato il 14 Luglio 2009 da elettramunro

The Background History of Elettra

Born in south east, north Kamras, on the plains of Gor known as the estate lands, lands of people humble and simple. I am the daughter of a hunter, not just game, but also due Panthers in our village, my mother was a woman of the house, this is everything I know about them. My mother gave me the light in the third hand de passage of the timetable of Gor, became the light of my father, I had only six months when the village was attacked by a group of Panthers and Outlaw who came to avenge my father, my mother had Time to put in a basket and hide among the bushes near the river, then returned to my father; when my uncle arrived in the village of them was left alone ash. He was attracted by my tears and I took with him, was a scribe, was bachelor and had no children


MrOmbretta — 13 agosto 2009 —


MrOmbretta — 26 maggio 2010 — That video is dedicate to one peson who know me from 3 year in wrold.One closer and deeper friend, who like rules his life in joke way; smiling. From my famous corner , my tribute to him Thanks from EM


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