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nelle pagine dell'archivio si ritrova la storia di
Italian Journal of Psychology and Internet - Psicologia Online
ma anche la storia della psicologia italiana e mondiale in rete
dal 1996 al 2000
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domenica 26 luglio 2009

SL Buddhism – Buddhismo e spiritualità in Second Life – Mistic Academy..One Light

Mystic Academy..One Light – Many Paths,Spiritual Education

Mystic Academy..One Light

26 luglio 2009

Welcome to Mystic Academy!

Welcome to this spiritual academy of learning and a social network and infohub to connect like minds and consciousness

We run regular courses, discussions, host music and live events and have a huge library of books and a dedicated shopping area. There are a number of areas for exploration, quite meditation and reflection. We also have a meditation chamber and a consultation zone where you can get readings from a qualified member of staff.

This is the largest spiritual group in SL with over 1400 Members. Please feel welcome to join this group.

Look at our calendar in the lobby to see this weeks events. Join the group to get updates as they happen.

If you wish to work here fill out the application form and send it to Dragon Shichiroji General Info of getting around.

Of course you can walk around our entire sim, the whole area is open for exploration. To teleport around we used a ground based teleporter which can be found in all the main areas.

Lounge/Calendar – The lounge is the main hub of our social network. Here is where we gather, meet, greet, and discuss various aspects of our individual lives and paths. Casual classes are held here. As well our calendar is on the wall. The calendar contains the classes for approx. a week. Clicking on one of the posted classes will get you a notecard with a brief outline, date, time, and the name of the facilitator for the class.

Classroom – The rooms in which facilitators teach. We are audio and video enabled so facilitators may use these to enhance class material. There is plenty of seating. We work on a not for profit basis so please do not forget to tip either the academy or the teacher.

Sanctuary Please use the teleporter to access the beautiful and peaceful area for advanced classes or reflection

TheClub – the hub of our entertainment. Djs, live music, dancing, fun fun fun!

Library- The Library contains transcripts and notecards with information about a variety of subjects. They are broken down into sections: Traditions, Energy Work, and Misc.

Consultations Area – Our consultants are on the staffboard Touch for more information. Personal readings such as tarot, personality typing and astrology are available. Contact Rian Hirvi for more information. Any payment is between you and the reader.

Shop – The shop contains many items made by members of the mystic academy and some that are not. There is a wide variety of clothing available including men’s and women’s. You can also purchase our wonderful meditations with voice by Jane Atkey. The shop also contains some free items for those in need of clothing.

See also / Vedi anche

Free Tibet Zen Garden (Sea level)

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Free Tibet Zen Garden, Seoraksan (19, 118, 25)

Hannya shingyo (Sutra del Cuore) & Gongyo Daimoku (Skybox)

Hannya shingyo (Sutra del Cuore) & Gongyo Daimoku (Skybox) Hannya shingyo (Sutra del Cuore) & Gongyo Daimoku (Skybox)
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